Welcome to Apeathetic, a place for the apes who are doing their best. Like you. What an ape you are! It’s impressive really. You’re not that strong or fast, you’ve lost all your body hair (save for the sexy bits), and traversing a set of monkey bars right now would probably wreck you. Yet here you are, top of the food chain and kinda destroying the entire planet. Go you!

Apeathetic is a place to examine this ape we’ve become. Why do we do what we do? What’s the damn point to any of this?

Join me, and together we are very likely to not find any of the answers we seek, but we can have some stupid fun and maybe learn something along the way.


Does Money Buy Happiness? The Pursuit, The People, and The Proof


In a surprising twist, two rival researchers unite to unravel the age-old mystery: Can money buy happiness? Their groundbreaking study sheds new light on this enduring debate, promising to reshape our understanding of wealth and well-being.

Finding your way like a Polynesian


This is the story of two groups of people who independently solved one of humanity’s greatest challenges, succeeding on very different timelines and in very different ways. One would do it with technology, the other with focus.

When everything is going right, it’ll probably go wrong

Happiness Parenting

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, things are going perfectly,” then you probably know the next part of the story: everything is about to collapse.