Welcome to Apeathetic, a place for the apes who are doing their best. Like you. What an ape you are! It’s impressive really. You’re not that strong or fast, you’ve lost all your body hair (save for the sexy bits), and traversing a set of monkey bars right now would probably wreck you. Yet here you are, top of the food chain and kinda destroying an entire planet with your very existence.

We’ve been doing that for a quite some time now. Most animals impact the small corner of the earth they occupy, while we’ve managed to get the whole thing positively knackered in the blink of an eye. If you can look past all the things on fire, it’s something to behold.

This has left us in a bit of a pickle. Minds and bodies develop alongside the environment, but we’ve changed the environment so quickly and dramatically that our minds and bodies have no hope of keeping up. What served us beautifully on the African Savannah is now detrimental to the version of us that can order a burrito from our phone.

Apeathetic is a place to examine this ape we’ve become. Why do we do what we do? What’s the damn point to any of this?

This project began with me asking some of those questions, along with a few other generally dickish ones I had about myself. Mostly I wanted to understand why the broken parts of me wouldn’t stay fastened to my frame despite doing exactly the wrong thing all the time. What gives?

The blog is a personal hobby of mine as I stumble ungraciously along the path of trying to answer questions around psychology, mindfulness, productivity, and happiness. I am the furthest thing you know from an expert, which could be equal parts maddening and comforting. I am after all just doing my best.